Butyl Rubber Sealing Tape

We are an excellent manufacturer and supplier of butyl tapes in India. Butyl sealant tapes are pressure induced sealing strips with strong adhesion capability. They are applied to a wide spectrum of surfaces as metals, glass and various other materials that make up for high-end applications from Telecommunications to Windmill Turbines. Their total sealing strength is useful in soundproofing (dampening) and complete prevention of dust, moisture and air that could be harmful to sensitive components. Apart from being impermeable to gases and vapour, the sealants are resistant to heat, oxygen, ozone, sunlight and equally resistant to a diverse range of chemicals. The Butyl Tapes are of the non-vulcanized variety with properties as non-shrinking, non-straining and remaining unaffected prolonged contact with all of the metals, nor do they harden up over a long time.